Naked Run 12: Marshall’s Beach, San Francisco (again)

OK. I admit. This was a pathetically short run. It was really just an exercise in photography and ceremony. I didn’t run for long; I hardly warmed up or worked up a sweat.

The point of this run was very important, however.

After a week in the Bay Area to do some very important personal business, on my final day before heading to SFO to board my flight home, I went to Marshall’s Beach in San Francisco for my second naked run in six months. After a week of cold, sometimes stormy and wet, weather I was treated to solid blue skies, 20c air temperature and no wind or breeze at all. How could I resist?

On arrival, sadly, I discovered I had forgot to check the tide times. The nicest stretch of Marshall’s – and the longest for having a proper run – was inaccessible due to the high tide. There was almost no sand at all. As the hours passed, however, the beach slowly increased in size, giving way to a tempting amount of sand for a run.

Marshall's Beach
The tide is high but I’m carrying on

After warming up naked in the sun, my friend and I decided to do a little video shoot. This is the first video I’ve taken with my phone  – and the image quality is poor (my proper cameras were left behind this trip), but thanks to K, it exists.

I did one out and back run along the short stretch of sand that was accessible. A number of clothed tourists admiring the Golden Gate Bridge clapped as I passed, as if I were performing especially for them. I wasn’t. If anything, making myself the focus of their attention put me off. I’d rather do this without an audience!

It was an unremarkable run, physically. I have nothing profound to say in this post about the orgasm of the psyche or the fire in the belly. I just didn’t have the opportunity to focus on those physical sensations.

There was something greater at play this time: a realisation and acceptance that this gorgeous naturist beach, where running naked and barefoot is possible almost any time of the year  – one of the most beautiful naturist beaches on the planet – will be my new home in a few weeks time. Well, not the beach itself, of course, but the city. And this beach will be at my doorstep. I hope to come here weekly to make naked running a much more frequent part of my life and well-being regime. This run was an acknowledgement ceremony of this new possibility.

This realisation was very powerful. How lucky am I to be able to do this so frequently? Incredibly lucky.

I have no idea yet how this increased frequency of naked running will effect the blog. Will I have something new to say every week? I imagine not. It will be interesting to explore.

For now, I’m thrilled with my new home and this increased opportunity to run barefoot and naked in one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

I walked away from Marshall’s full of joy of the promise that this site and San Francisco hold for my future running.

Naked Run Facts
Date: 07 February 2016
Location: Marshall’s Beach, north of Baker Beach, The Presidio, San Francisco, California

Time of Day: 14:30
Air Temperature: 20c
Conditions: crystal clear deep blue sky, no wind
Run Length: approximately 600m
Duration: 4 minutes
Barefoot or Shoes: barefoot

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