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Naked Running: an orgasm for the psyche

Where this wild man shares the pleasures and freedom of running in the flesh.

We are all natural-born runners, although many of us forget this fact.

Movement is almost synonymous with life. With elongating stems and twirling tendrils, plants race one another toward light.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lion or an antelope – when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

There is nothing quite so gentle, deep, and irrational as our running – and nothing quite so savage, and so wild.

Bernd Heinrich, Why We Run

Hello and thanks for stopping in at my blog about running naked.

I’ve never been interested in communicating in this way before.

To my surprise, the experience that I’ve had accidentally discovering naked running and the powerful reaction I’ve had from doing it has prompted me for the first time in my life to connect with other people in this way. To throw this information, these feelings out in the ether for whoever cares. I have no idea if it is of interest. I have just have to share the power of the feeling. It’s like an orgasm for the psyche.

To start with, I will catch up on explaining how I got to this point with the four naked running experiences I’ve had, spread out over the coming weeks.

Then, as I run naked, I will post each of those runs.

Occasionally, if I have something else to say, I’ll post it. But, generally, between runs I will only be communicating via twitter (@NakedRunning). Blog posts will mostly be restricted to long-form reports on the running experience.

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