As runners, I think we reach directly back along the endless chain of history. We experience what we would have felt had we lived ten thousand years ago…  keeping our hearts and lungs and muscles fit by constant movement. We are reasserting as modern man seldom does, our kinship with ancient man, and even with the wild beasts that preceded him.
James F. Fixx, The Complete Book of Running

Hello. I am a gay man who, after years of being a determined intellectual, has discovered the power of living in, and respecting, the body I have. One aspect of this transformation has been the adoption of running as one of the many physical things I do (5Rhythms dance, Yoga, CrossFit training, some weight work, etc.). I was a complete and utter running cynic (apologies to a former partner who once experienced the brunt of this ignorance). I didn’t want to run. It hurt me, everywhere. Three years later, I’m a convert. I’m still a novice, but I run three – four times a week, between 5k and 10k each time. My strength and stamina are steadily improving; I’m injury free.

My first timed 5k was also naked

I hope to be able to communicate the emotional and physical power of naked running with this blog. Already, I’ve accepted that words in no way can communicate the feeling. I will fail in any attempt to capture the experience in this form. Nevertheless, I’m determined to try. To share what it is like to the best of my ability. To be an advocate. A champion.

Some Fun Facts

Age: 51

Height: 176cm

Weight: 68kg

WAVA Age Grading: 66.57% (as of 23 Jan 2016)

Resting Heartbeat: 45 bpm

VO2 Max: 53.0 (Feb 2016)

5k Personal Best:
clothed: 22:20 (23 Jan 2016); 19:32 (age graded)
naked: 23:26 (27 Sep 2015); 20:29 (age graded)

Running Since: April 2013

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