Naked Run 4: Streak for Tigers

Streak for Tigers, ZSL London Zoo
August 2015

[I’m skipping Naked Run 3 for the time being, as I’m still catching up on past runs, but will return to it ASAP. I wanted to post Naked Run 4  as quickly as possible…]

Wow. What a feeling. Naked running in a city. In a zoo. With paparazzi. Under cloudy skies with storms and lightning threatening. So different from a sunny Mediterranean beach!

This was the ZSL London Zoo Streak for Tigers, an unabashedly publicity-driven event raising money for the Society’s work around the world to maintain the population of Bengal tigers.

It only lasted for a few fleeting moments, but it was just as powerful as my longer, previous runs. Streaking around the zoo, surrounded by animals in their own nakedness… Well the wild man feeling was stronger than ever. Why only 300m? Come on, ZSL, let us go further and longer! When I reached the ‘finish’ in what seemed like a blink of an eye, I carried on, circling the track another two times. I could have continued like that all night.


What better way to access your inner wild man than to run with wild animals? (OK, surrounded by, sleeping animals). Painted humans aren’t the same! Do I need to expand my repertoire to a safari run? Or a naked run with the bulls? Where’s my javelin?

Naked Run Facts
Date: 13 August 2015
Location: ZSL London Zoo

Time of Day: 20:00
Air Temperature: 20c
Conditions: cloudy and humid
Run Length: 300m times three (total of 900m)
Duration: not long enough! (approximately 45 seconds per lap)
Barefoot or Shoes: shoes

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